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Custom Aluminum die cast mold service

Custom Aluminum die cast mold service

3D and 2D products drawing from customer, the step of mould flow simulation is necessary. To find any potential defects during casting. For example, some parts have A surface and B surface request. Particularly for nickel finishing die casting parts. No any air porosity allowances, many of parts will need secondly machining. Have air bulb occur after machining. Some parts will have very strict tolerances in same axle. This time JSCAST CAE software will offer great solution.in fact all aluminum die casting molds manufactory designer need advanced CAE software to help their job, not only the experiences. DFM for customer confirm, the step of raw material quality checking is very important, particularly the mold core material checking. Now material of H13, SKD61, 8407, 1.2344, DH-31 widespread use in Ningbo die casting mold manufactory. We not only checking the chemical composition and mechanical property. The material pure standard also very important for die casting tooling. Any impurity contain in mold core will caused crack problem after thousands injection times, rough grinding, milling, and rough CNC machining before heat treatment. After heat treatment will take precision grinding and precision machining. In our pressure die casting mould workshop equipped with high speeding five axle machining center. EDM is widespread use in pressure die casting tools production. This EDM machines great advantage reduce machining cost and solved most complicate structure in HPDC dies, the disadvantage will get corrosion problem. So high standard EDM machines choose is critical. Remove oxidation material is necessary step after EDM machining. Aluminum injection tooling cavity polishing. Roughness of cavity also important for pressure die casting tooling injection times. Polishing direction should same direction with mold opening.

Custom aluminum die cast components service

Custom aluminum die cast components service

Different components have different technical request, tolerances request, mechanical property request, also with surface request. Like how about salt spray testing, many components will assemble with another metal parts together ,so how can we prevent any potential problem in assemble line when products delivery to customer factory. So reading drawing careful before quote will much better.

Our responsibility to let customer to know which kind aluminum alloy will most fit for their components character, different aluminum alloy have different mechanical property, some alloy have good corrosion resistant, some alloy strength than another one, some alloy fit for auto components, some alloy will have good cosmetic surface after finishing, particularly for chrome finishing aluminum die casting parts. Which production process will make components superior standard, how can we solved cost for their project. This is benefit each other. Anyway the fine die casting solutions will get more inquiry.

1. What is Die Cast Aluminum?

Die-cast aluminum is a type of aluminum in which the metal is released from the mold cavity under high pressure. During the die casting process, the metal is hardened and produces the desired shape. Aluminum die-casting can use hot chamber process or cold chamber process.

Aluminum die-casting is considered a reusable non-consumable technology that can produce die-cast aluminum of different shapes, sizes and thicknesses. The die-casting process can produce various shapes with precision and attractiveness.

Aluminum die casting is now considered an industrial process used to manufacture aluminum for sale or as part of machinery or any other commercial or industrial production. This is currently the simplest process, because aluminum is melted in a designated mold to produce the required size, shape, and thickness. This process is crucial in creating metal parts with specified details and quality.

2. What are the advantages of aluminum die casting?

There are many reasons why aluminum is the most common non-ferrous metal found in the world. As a light metal, the most popular reason for using aluminum die casting is that it creates very light parts without sacrificing strength. Aluminum die castings also have more surface processing options and can withstand higher operating temperatures than other non-ferrous materials.

Lightweight and Durable

Good Strength-to-Weight Ratio

Great Resistance to Corrosion

Excellent Electrical Conductivity

Fully Recyclable and Reusable in Production

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