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  • How to select right aluminum alloy for custom die cast products?

    Good die casting supplier and high pressure aluminum die casting technical man should knew, different aluminum alloy have different application. Because different chemical composition have different mechanical property. Select the right aluminum for your die casting solutions is important step for excellent products. Many die casting supplier in china neglect chemical composition in their jobs few years before.Material of A360 with same chemical composition with material JIS ADC3 and EN AB-43400, this kind material have good corrosion resistant and strength property, this kind material is good for cycle wheel, boat propeller. Material of ASTM A413 is same chemical composition with material JIS AD1 and EN AB-47100. The property of A413 fit leakage request products, is good for dental facility, instrument panel, auto dash board. Application for thin wall and complicate structure custom die casting components. Material of A380 with same chemical composition with ADC10 and EN AB-46200. This kind material is popularly used in aluminum tv mount manufactory, because this kind material have good crack and heat resistant capability.Accessories of die casting aluminum cookware also have excellent performances with this material. Now many aluminum alloy die casting company select A380 for their custom pressure casting project. Material of A380 is good application for gearbox housing, air cylinder header, auto engine base bracket, telecommunication housing. Material of ASTM A383 with same chemical composition with ADC12 and EN AB-46100. Many die cast company select ADC12 for their abrasion resistant request products. A...

  • How to design overflow and air vent?

    Experiences die casting mold factory will realized how important overflow and air vent location, normal overflow and air vent will located in parting line, is easy for air escape from die casting tooling. Why some die cast mold supplier will located air vent and overflow in thin area and thick area, because the thin or thick part will much easy contain impurity and gas. The rich experiences die casting mould company will knew how to prevent any defects when air vent separate with aluminum parts