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Aluminum die casting Auto parts

Aluminum die casting for auto parts

Certificate: 16949

Standard: DIN, JIS, ASTM, EN

Software: Pro/E, Auto CAD, UG, Solid Works, PDF

The material for auto aluminum die casting parts should control very strict, the recycle material from air vent and overflow well do not use again. The other part from casting system like sprue, runner, and gat can use again, but should control below 15/%. Any more recycle material mix together will increasing the quality risk .The high pressure aluminum casting tooling should durable and long life. The professional die casting mould manufactory knew how to meet auto die cast mold quality. Cooling pipe design will different with casting aluminum light fixtures or die casting aluminum leg. Mechanical property for die casting aluminum leg is critical, so cooling pipe surround leg cavity about 2 diameter is ok, but mold for most auto parts will more complicate, sometimes will need two layer cooling pipe surrounding the mold cavity. The great advantage is make mold temperature balance, the disadvantage will decrease cavity durable. Professional die casting mould factory will know how to keep balance between mold cavity mechanical property and mold thermal equilibrium. reinforce other part in mold cavity will necessary in that time.