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Aluminum die casting light cover

Aluminum die casting light cover

Most casting aluminum led housing will take heat treatment before machining. Some china led shell die casting factory missing this process. This is potential risk for lighting company. problem will happen in assemble line, energy still release after casting two or three months later. Three dimension tolerances will changing when products delivery to customer warehouse. although casting factory checking tolerances few months before after machining.

Good heat treatment will make products size stable and prevent any deformation problem. 2mm-6mm thickness is most easy casting, but many corrosion resistant light fixtures thickness below 2mm. some casting bathroom light fixtures thickness even below 0.8mm. find right aluminum alloy and high pressure mold will key important. Some aluminum no suit for heat treatment.

Right ejector pin location for die casting spotlight cover should seriously. Most light cover is thin wall. Deformation problem will caused when ejector pin in not right place. Ejector pin do not located on thin wall. Surface defects like dent, extrude, will caused. Try your ejector pin located thick wall even overflow well. This is will increase your mold cost budget. Only 5%-8% increased, but your products defects rates will great reduce. Ejector pin vestige should same

Flatness with inside wall. of course ejector pin will not located A area, most case will located B and C area, but we still need careful, because inside light cover will assemble wire or electronic accessories. Any remain sharp metal is potential risk for outdoor light fixtures manufactory.

Find right powder material for corrosion resistant light shell coating, we suggest Dupont. The outdoor powder coating material from Dupont is excellent for your corrosion resistant light shell. now many china led lighting parts factory select this brand, casting aluminum light fixtures surface roughness also important for powder coating quality, this is will involve adhesive, heat chamber temperature, powder coating bracket design. All of influence factor should take into account. Now many china led lighting parts factory have their own no dust chamber powder coating line for high quality die casting parts.