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Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories

We can customize aluminum die-casting molds for companies in various industrial applications, and provide technical support for aluminum die-casting molds to potential customers. Our main business is customized Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories service and customized die-casting tool service. The main products include oil pan die-casting molds, aluminum die-casting shells for automobile clutches, automobile engine cylinder blocks, aluminum alloy forks, aluminum die-casting sofa legs, aluminum die-casting TV brackets, corrosion-resistant lamps, cast bathroom lamps, and aluminum die-casting molds Accessories thimble, guide post and guide bushing, etc., no matter what kind of product, you only need to provide drawings, our aluminum die-casting mold factory will provide you with higher strength and performance at a very low unit cost!

The following are the Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories that we can customize but are not limited to:

Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories thimble. Material DIN 1.2344, AISI H13, JIS SKD61, ASSAB8407

Thimble with cylindrical head

Shoulder thimble

Flat thimble

Forming a thimble

SKD61 and AISI H13 are commonly used in aluminum die-casting mold parts manufacturing plants

SKD61 internal hardness: HRC48-52, surface hardness: HV900-1100, heat treatment:

Vacuum + Nitride

H13 internal hardness: HRC 48-52, surface hardness: HV900-1100, hot

Guide post and guide bushing

Square guide post

Ejection guide post

Leadership guide

Guide column with shoulder

Thimble guide sleeve

Linear guide bush

Leader Bush



Roughness Ra0.6-0.8, tolerance below 0.001mm, roundness: 0.002mm, concentricity: within 0.002mm

The mold base company of LKM, DME, FUTABA hade Ningbo and other branch companies. S50C is an important material for aluminum die-casting mold bases, and QT550 and QT600 are materials for die-casting mold bases that were popular 20 years ago. Due to the continuous improvement of customers' requirements for high-quality aluminum die-casting molds, materials of S50C, DIN 1.1213, AISI 5AE 1050, and NF C50 are popular in the Ningbo die-casting market.

Fixed half splint

Active half splint

Fixed half pillow

Move half the impact

Support column, space block, support plate

The advantage of our Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories factory!

1. Our knowledge in manufacturing Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories

Our team is composed of professional mold designers and tool manufacturing experts, and we are confident to provide the best quality molds.

All our engineers are well trained and we can provide customers with innovative solutions.

Our factories and engineering offices have a wide range of tools and technologies to support operations.

2. About Project Management of Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories

We have a complete project management system that can meet the needs and product features of different types of customers.

We have excellent efficiency in projects; our production lead time has been minimized.

We often communicate with customers, and customers can track and control the status of the project.

An online project tracking system is under development, which can help customers keep updating the status of their projects.

3. About the quality control of Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories

We guarantee the life of molds and provide maintenance for household molds.

Our mold can maintain high precision (±0.05mm)

4. On the improvement of special orders

We can provide a fast production cycle for specific orders.

Our production lead time is stable and predictable, suitable for immediate production.

Usually, I will receive a request for a quotation request to customize aluminum die-casting mold parts, and the purchaser may or may not be aware of the content involved in designing and manufacturing molds that will mass-produce high-quality die-casting parts. We will precede the purchaser in detail Communicate and customize Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories according to the buyer's wishes.

Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories production process

A die-casting mold or mold is a closed container in which molten metal is poured into the mold or mold under high pressure and high temperature, and then rapidly cooled until the solidified part is hard enough to allow ejection from the mold.


The mold or die-casting mold is made of alloy tool steel and is divided into at least two parts, the fixed half (top cover half) and the movable half (extruder half) to allow the casting to be removed. The mold may also have movable sliders, cores, or other parts to create holes, threads, and other desired shapes in the casting.


Holes in the fixed mold half allow molten metal to enter the mold and fill the cavity. Half of the ejector usually contains a runner (channel) and a gate (inlet) that guide the molten metal to the cavity. The mold also includes a locking pin for fixing the two halves, a thimble to help remove the casting, and an opening for a coolant to help cool the mold and solidify the molten metal.

A very important accessory required to run any die casting mold is called the "jet sleeve". The injection sleeve is a hollow tube. When it is put into the die-casting machine, it will be inserted into the fixed half hole of the mold. The sleeve extends horizontally from the mold, and there is a small hole on the top of the sleeve, where molten metal is poured to prepare the plunger for injecting the metal into the mold. Shooting sleeves need to be replaced at certain intervals, which is very important for this process. Usually, when the mold is removed from the die casting machine, the Shot Sleeve is not sent with the mold, which causes trouble for the manufacturer, because it takes a long time to manufacture a new sleeve.


The two mold halves are run in a die-casting machine that runs at the required temperature and pressure to produce high-quality parts that meet the customer's requirements for the final shape or close to the final shape. When the die casting machine is closed, the two mold halves are locked and held together by the pressure of the machine. The surface where the ejector and fixed half of the mold meet and lock is called the "mold separation line". The total projected surface area of the cast part measured at the mold parting line determines the clamping force of the machine.

In order to work in this environment for a long time, the die-casting mold must be made of high-quality tool steel with strict specifications, and be heat-treated to achieve the required hardness and structure (therefore, there are NADCA guidelines), and have a mold and cavity The size is processed to strict specifications.

The customer's product design requirements directly affect the size, type, function and cost of the required tools. The items involved in the processing decision include the number of cavities, the number of cores or sliders, the weight of the mold, machining, completion requirements, polishing and electroplating, etc.

Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories