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Goal Sure Customized Service Manufacturing Capability

As an aluminum casting manufacturer, we can custom aluminum casting, and aluminum die casting housing is the most competitive mold in the market.

Why choose custom aluminum casting?

Aluminum has the advantages of lightweight and durability, and it is also one of the most popular materials in the production of functional parts and prototypes. It also has impeccable corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and can maintain dimensional stability even in high temperatures and harsh environments.

Due to the high melting point of this material, the aluminum die casting process is the best method for aluminum die casting housing.

In the details of this metal casting process, high pressure is used to press molten metal into the cavity. Therefore, aluminum die casting requires the use of aluminum die casting mold, which has two hardened tool steel molds molded into a specific shape, and has a cavity or cavity, which is then processed into a specific shape.

Compared with CNC machining, aluminum die casting reduces the number of steps required for production and prototyping, thereby reducing manufacturing costs. It can also ensure a high-quality surface finish and precise dimensional consistency.

This technology is particularly advantageous in small and medium casting parts, and it is widely used in industries such as automobiles, lighting, and medical treatment.

Aluminum die casting automobile accessories such as: 

Bracket, Chain cover, Cylinder head casing, Cylinder head casing, Engine cylinder, Gearbox housing, Gearbox housing-b, Gearbox housing-c, Oil pan, Steering gear housing.

aluminum die casting housing

Advantages of aluminum die casting

As a lightweight metal, the most common reason for using aluminum die casting is that it can make very lightweight parts without sacrificing strength. Compared with other non-ferrous metal materials, aluminum die castings also have more surface finish options and can withstand higher operating temperatures. Aluminum die castings have corrosion resistance, high conductivity, good stiffness and strength to weight ratio. The aluminum die-casting process is based on rapid production. Compared with alternative casting processes, this process can produce a large number of die-cast parts very quickly and more cost-effectively. Aluminum die castings have become the favored choice of global buyers.

The features and advantages of aluminum die casting housing include:

1. It has good stiffness and strength-to-weight ratio

2. Based on rapid production

3. Make the production of a large number of die-casting parts very fast

4. More cost-effective than the alternative casting process

Lightweight and durable

Good weight ratio

5. Extremely strong corrosion resistance

Excellent conductivity

6. High recovery rate

For custom aluminum casting, A380 is the most popular choice for die casting metal. This is because it combines economic and predictable mechanical and physical characteristics, providing a good cost/utility ratio.

The advantages and features of A380 aluminum include:

1. Lightweight

2. Dimensional stability

3. The ability to cast thin walls and complex shapes

4. Corrosion resistance

5. Good mechanical properties

6. High thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity

7. High strength to weight ratio

8. Environmental protection (100% recyclability): And all materials involved in the production of aluminum die castings have been recycled. The ingots come from recycled materials, and all excess materials and any waste castings are recycled internally.

9. Good tool life

10. Excellent castability

11. Low cost

12. Excellent overall value

Advantages of aluminum die casting housing

Compared with other processes such as machining or sheet metal forming, the biggest advantage of aluminum die casting housing is that aluminum can create complex 3D designs very efficiently at a lower cost. Therefore, aluminum casting manufacturers can order custom aluminum casting that best suits their production needs. Aluminum die casting housing can transform molten metal into a part close to the final shape in a few seconds, so machining or other operations can be eliminated.

Aluminum die casting housing applications

Aluminum die casting housing is often used as a durable, lightweight alternative to steel and iron in the automotive industry. Its electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity characteristics make it very suitable for the telecommunications and computer industries. Its lightness makes it an excellent choice for portable applications. The economic benefits and mechanical properties of aluminum A380 make it the metal of choice for various applications and industries.

Aluminium casting manufacturers capabilities

Using aluminum casting machines with a clamping force between 300 and 1,000 tons for custom aluminum casting, aluminum die casting housings with sizes ranging from 0.75' x 0.75 inches to 20" x 20" 20" x 20" can be produced.

Through custom aluminum foundry's excellent custom aluminum casting service, we can handle parts ranging in weight from 0.5 lbs to 30 lbs. Our high-quality custom aluminum casting has the characteristics of wear resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and heat resistance. In addition, we process a variety of aluminum metals, such as 319, 356, and almag 535.

From engines, fuses to gears, hardware and hydraulic parts, our custom aluminum casting service can be used in a wide range of applications and happily meets the needs of various industries.

In the custom aluminum foundry, we are committed to providing high-quality, friendly services, and focus on satisfying all customers' customized aluminum die casting housing needs. We have enough capacity to handle almost all casting projects and can handle castings weighing up to 1,000 pounds. The casting housing can be made of aluminum, urethane, or mahogany. In addition, we also use various aluminum alloys, including A356, 363, 357, 319, and 713.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our high-quality custom aluminum casting business. Has been committed to providing high-quality aluminum die casting housing services, it provides many auxiliary functions, including but not limited to assembly, engineering, heat treatment and powder coating. 

custom aluminum casting

How to solved casting defects and suggestion tips

Cold Flow

Increasing casting temperature, reduce filling time, add gate size, improve air venting condition. Find the right aluminum alloy, silicon contains over 10% aluminum alloy will have good liquidity.


Different aluminum alloys have different shrinkage rates, find minimum shrinkage rate aluminum alloy for your casting products. Alloy aluminum shrinks less than pure aluminum, we suggest ADC14. Material of ADC14 Si contains 16%-18% Cu contains 4%-5%. And the same time reduces casting temperature and mold temperature.


Many blisters problem is caused by ejector parts from the cavity not right time. To the early ejector, parts will have not enough time solidification, keep products in the mold cavity for more few seconds. Reduce mold temperature and check the mold temperature is equal or not .and prevent part mold overheating.


Poor mold rigidity, a problem caused by mold plate shake during casting, the pressure die casting mold base very important for die casting products quality, professional die cast mold maker will seriously to handle every step in quality die cast mold.do not use QT550 or QT600 for your die casting mold base, most of China's die cast mold makers will purchase S50c material for their aluminum die casting mold.


First, we need to recheck the ejector pin locate in right place. Any deflect ejector will make casting parts bending problem. Check stack-up products in the right way. Particularly for large and thin walls products. For example,  die casting aluminum light shell, normal the light shell was thin walls die casting parts.

Shrink Porosity

Reduce casting temperature, and looking the low melting point of aluminum alloy, increasing injection pressure. Many aluminum die casting manufactory casting big parts by small size cold chamber die casting machines. Before batch production Please Calculated part weight and analyze the project area.


Cracks problem caused by many cause. Check the mold first, check aluminum alloy chemical composition if mold has no any problem, any chemical ratio imbalance will make cracks problem, so control smelting furnace temperature stable is critical. At the same time increasing mold temperature.

Gas Porosity

Increasing air vent size, add filling time, let air have enough time to escape from the mold cavity. Recheck your lubricant spray is right or possible too much spraying.