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Aluminum die cast with chrome finishing

February 22, 2021

Aluminum die-cast with chrome finishing

Chrome finishing aluminum die casting parts is much strict technical request, particularly for the super quality stand, zinc alloy parts are much easy to take chrome finishing after polishing. How can we produce so nice chrome finishing parts by casting aluminum material not casting by zinc alloy? Some of our customers need their products light and same cosmetic surface like zinc alloy casting parts. The first step high-pressure aluminum casting molds air vent size need increasing bit than normal practice. Let air have enough time to escape from the aluminum injection mold. possible to select brass contain rate high aluminum alloy, we suggest aluminum alloy material like ADC10. ADC11, ADC12, A380, B390, 392, for your chrome finishing parts. Many aluminum die casting suppliers will mix recycle material during casting, this is obviously wrong. Any tiny impurity mix casting material is a disaster during polishing and chrome coating, in fact, even melting furnaces need clearing well before casting. Many die cast suppliers knew the basic chrome plating process. Normal practices are one layer brass coating+ one layer nickel coating +one layer chrome coating. Professional aluminum dies casting company will add another polishing step after one layer of brass coating. in our chrome finishing die casting field we call water polishing. The polishing wheel should soft and lubricated by water during polishing.In addition, we can also provide customized Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories.

Aluminum die cast with chrome finishing