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Custom Aluminum die cast mold service

March 12, 2021

3D and 2D products drawing from the customer, the step of mold flow simulation is necessary. To find any potential defects during casting. For example, some parts have A surface and B surface requests. Particularly for nickel finishing die casting parts. No air porosity allowances, many parts will need second machining. Have air bulbs occur after machining. Some parts will have very strict tolerances in the same axle. This time JSCAST CAE software will offer a great solution. In fact, aluminum die casting mould manufactory designers need advanced CAE software to help their job, not only the experiences. DFM for customer confirmation, the step of raw material quality checking is very important, particularly the mold core material checking. Now material of H13, SKD61, 8407, 1.2344, DH-31 widespread use in Ningbo die casting mold manufactory. We not only checking the chemical composition and mechanical properties. The material pure standard is also very important for die casting tooling. Any impurity contains in the mold core will cause a crack problem after thousands of injection times, rough grinding, milling, and rough CNC machining before heat treatment. After heat treatment will take precision grinding and precision machining. In our pressure die casting mold workshop equipped with a high speeding five-axle machining center. EDM is widespread use in pressure dies casting tools production. This EDM machine's great advantage reduces machining cost and solved most complicated structure in HPDC dies, the disadvantage will get corrosion problem. So high standard EDM machines choose is critical. Remove oxidation material is a necessary step after EDM machining. Aluminum injection tooling cavity polishing. The roughness of the cavity also important for pressure die casting tooling injection times. The polishing direction should the same direction as mold opening.

Perfect mold design is important for mold injection times and superior quality casting components.

1 prevent molten aluminum alloy directly erosion-corrosion mold cavity. Over 70% of the crack problem caused by part mold overheating.

2 the injection speed and filling velocity control well when the casting gate located in the thick part.

3 for excellent air venting, the parting line better located at the end of the casting system.

4 let air have time escape from mold cavity before moving die and fixed die closed.

5 good parting line design should think about how to reduce deburr cost.

6 for strict concentricity casting parts, the products the same axle should locate in one cavity whatever female cavity or male cavity. Meet precision requests at the same time highest possible reduce second machining cost. 
In addition, we can also provide customized Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories.

Custom Aluminum die cast mold service