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Custom Aluminum Die Cast Components Service

March 31, 2021

Custom Aluminum Die Cast Components Service

Different components have different technical requests, tolerances requests, mechanical property requests, also with surface requests. Like how about salt spray testing, many components will assemble with other metal parts together, so how can we prevent any potential problem in assemble line when products delivered to the customer factory. So reading drawing carefully before a quote will much better.

Our responsibility to let the customer know which kind of aluminum alloy will most fit for their components character, different aluminum alloy have different mechanical property, some alloy has good corrosion-resistant, some alloy strength than another one, some alloy fit for auto components, some alloy will have good cosmetic surface after finishing, particularly for chrome finishing aluminum die casting parts. Which production process will make components superior to standard, how can we solve cost for their project? This benefits each other. Anyway, the fine die casting solutions will get more inquiry.

Structure of sofa leg is quite simple for most high-pressure aluminum injection factory, does all of the aluminum die casting factory has impact simulation, just suppose 100kg person jump to the sofa. Impact at least 500kg. so your sofa leg impact resistant capability at least 800kg. how can we make die casting sofa leg strength and durable?no recycle material allowances, of course, strong aluminum injection tools are necessary. But we still need care when we order the sofa leg from a poor facility aluminum alloy dies casting company. die casting chair leg manufactory will reduce cost by small size machine to casting big sofa leg, how can they prevent deformation problem? just leave sofa leg in mold cavity more one minute, even no any air porosity problem when testing by x-ray. But actually, this is a very high risk for purchasers.

The aging problem will very serious when sofa legs get too much heat from the mold cavity, all die-cast manufactory knew how to prevent overheating problems during casting.In addition, we can also provide customized aluminum die cast mold service.

Custom Aluminum Die Cast Components Service