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Aluminum die cast with powder coating

April 15, 2021

Aluminum die-cast with powder coating

Powder coating for aluminum parts not so difficult compare with chrome finishing aluminum die casting parts in many people's minds, this is right. But why still need strict control for high-quality powder process. First, we need to select the right powder material, we suggest Dupont for your components finishing material because this material has excellent adhesiveness. We need to clear the powder coating chamber again before every batch powder coating, Although we have no dust powder line. Because every batch powder coating will have a different color. Any remaining color in the last batch will mix the new production line. This will seriously destroy new batch product quality. Particularly for aluminum PDC housing or large surface area like a die-casting aluminum light shell. many outdoor light fixture manufacturers knew how to use DuPont outdoor powder material for their corrosion-resistant light shell. Different aluminum die casting components with different sizes and structures, good hanging will prevent parts crash and scratch, good hanging will fit aluminum components bit tight and keep space one part to another part. For example, the die-cast TV mount and die-casting aluminum bracket will very easily scratch during powder coating, because many dies casting factories in china have no powder coating line in the house. Anyway, die casting manufactory should build their own no dust powder coating line for a super quality reputation.In addition, we can also provide customized Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories.

Aluminum die cast with powder coating