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Aluminum die cast with precision machining

April 26, 2021

Aluminum die cast with precision machining

Good machining fixture design will provide high efficiency and guarantee strict tolerances at the same time. How many pieces one machining fixture? We suggest putting six or eight parts when your parts size from 6CM-12CM. Clamping by air cylinder is tight enough. Some die casting producers in china still clamping parts by screwing, this is low production efficiency. Products will deformation if screwing too tight, cutting knife will break when screwing bit loose. Perfect machining fixture designer will take into consideration many facts. For example how to make machining operator put in and take out much convenient. Which part on casting parts fit for clamping, many parts on casting body not fit for clamping, such as the thin wall, surface with casting die joint, surface with air vent, surface with protrudes ejector pin. Looking at the thick wall and flat part for clamping is the right choice. Many die casting tooling suppliers forget to indicate the draft angle for the machining workshop. it will make serious mistakes during machining fixture design. This is why the aluminum die casting mold manufactory should provide all detailed information on DFM.

Machining scrap wipe off by air gun should high frequency, any scrap remains on the fixture will damage parts surface, also will impact tolerances. Why some aluminum scrap stick on machining fixture so tight? Because cooling lubrication to sticky. To find the right cooling lubrication is more important than looking at a powerful air gun. Many die casting manufactory in china select the wrong cooling lubrication, some too sticky, some too watery.

Machines custom design to meet the especially machining requests. CNC machine customization is very popular in the custom pressure aluminum casting industry. Particularly for large quantity products machining. Discuss between aluminum injection molds team and machining department at soon when we get an inquiry from the customer. Ten years before the big project from the auto industry attached us but the price almost no any profit. We drilling hole by brother CNC drilling and milling recombination machining center. The brother CNC drilling and milling recombination machines have a good reputation for their fast production among the aluminum die casting factories. But the production capability still limited. 1.5cm diameter, depth 7.5 cost almost 2 minutes. Assemble line in customer factory was very anxious for our production capability. We purchased the custom-made deep hole drilling machines from Mitsubishi after an urgent meeting. 2 minutes drill 5 deep holes. The tolerances control much strict compare to the machining center. This is greatly enhanced production capability. Now the Mitsubishi deep hole machines have a very good reputation among the china aluminum die casting man.In addition, we can also provide customized Aluminum Die Cast Mold Accessories.

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