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Customer Visit For Aluminum Die Cast Shift Fork

May 19, 2021

Customer Visit For Aluminum Die-Cast Shift Fork

Raw material quality is very important for the PDC shift fork. How about your normal material hardness? The normal die-casting aluminum alloy hardness only controls 78HB-85HB. This is not enough. So looking at the quality raw material is critical for your project. The material of ADC14 and R14 is popular for casting aluminum shift fork. But whatever ADC14 or R14, normal hardness only around 80HB before treatment. Ask your local material supplier increasing hardness around 95HB-100HB. But how about their treatment technical and facility? Just as you know contradiction between hardness and fragility.

We will calculate parts weight and analyze project area for fit die casting machines, 280 cold chambers die casting machines are powerful enough for ordinal parts in the same project area and weight. We are one gear shift fork manufactory in china. Experiences told us this is a high risk for die casting aluminum shift fork when we produce by low power machine. We quite understand some pressure die casting companies thinking, they try to reducing energy emission, But for high-pressure casting shift fork is totally wrong. Ask your local aluminum die casting molds company to produce two-cavity mold, casting by 400T cold chamber die casting machine. Eliminate air and impurity is a necessary step during casting, so it will need two melting furnaces. Casting temperature control around 680 degrees.

Aluminum Die Cast Shift Fork