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Precautions In The Use Of Aluminum Die-Casting Molds

August 30, 2021

Aluminum Die Casting Mold

Aluminum die casting power tools mold

Improper use of aluminum die-casting molds will not only reduce their own life span but will also directly cause the quality of castings to be greatly compromised, resulting in castings of unqualified quality. A more serious consequence is a threat to the lives of operators.

1. Cleaning of mold parting surface

This point is very troublesome and easy to ignore. If the mold quality is not good, there is inevitably flying edge or dirt on the mold parting surface during production. Operators should always clean these parts and always have a small spatula. If the flying edge is not cleared in time, the mold parting surface will be easily collapsed, causing the aluminum to run during the production process. Once this happens, no matter how good a mold repair expert you are, the possibility of a complete repair is very small.

The consequences caused by an aluminum run, not only increase the cost of die casting, wasted aluminum. The quality of the product is also unstable, especially the internal quality. And it increases the difficulty of determining the process parameters, and the qualification rate will drop a lot. From the safety consideration, it increases the chance of work injury.

2. The use of a mold cooling system

Mold cooling water in the correct use of the case not only to extend the service life of the mold but also to improve production efficiency. In actual production we often ignore its importance, the operator also wants to save trouble, too much trouble to connect to the cooling water pipe, some companies even in the custom mold in order to save costs do not even cool water, thus causing very serious consequences.

3. Neutron control

If the mold is equipped with neutron control, then pay attention to the absolute prohibition of the signal line between the die-casting machine and the mold has a joint phenomenon, the reason is clear, in daily production, it is difficult to avoid the signal line stained with water, or the joint wrapping place is easy to break, thus causing a short connection with the machine tool, if caused by the signal error, the light alarm automatically stop delay, heavy signal disorder, the mold top bad.

4. Mold preheating treatment

Mold at the beginning of the production process must be preheating the mold to prevent the cold mold suddenly encounter hot metal liquid and lead to cracking, more complex mold can use a blowtorch, liquefied gas, good conditions with mold temperature machine, a relatively simple mold can use slow pressure shot preheating.


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